How Many Yards Are in a City Block?

June 14, 2023

Many people walk as a way to exercise and get fresh air. They may also want to know how far they can travel in a certain amount of time, like ten blocks. This article will examine how many city blocks are a mile and offer an answer to this question.

City blocks are the smallest units for buildings surrounded by streets and form the basic unit of a city’s street pattern. They can be perfectly uniform, as in large gridded areas of cities built in a grid system, or irregular ("organic"), as in many old European city centers and Boston’s oldest districts.

The average length of a city block is 660 feet. This is equivalent to one-eighth of a mile, which was the standard distance for land surveys before modern surveying techniques became commonplace. A block is typically divided into lots that are numbered by the city as shown in plats and on maps. Each lot is bounded by a public or private road, with an alley that runs lengthwise through the middle of the block.

Typically, eight blocks east-west or 16 north-south blocks make one mile. However, some city blocks vary in size and this can lead to confusion.

In order to determine how long it takes to walk a certain number of city blocks, it is important to consider the fitness level of the individual as well as their walking speed. A person who is not in great physical condition will likely get tired more quickly and can only walk a shorter distance than someone who is healthy.


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