How Much Do Construction Workers Make in California?

May 31, 2024

Construction workers in California earn an average yearly salary of $47,490. This figure provides a comprehensive understanding of what individuals in the construction industry can expect to make on an annual basis.

Salary Distribution

Bottom 20%

The lowest 20% of construction workers in California earn around $32,010 annually. This figure often represents entry-level positions or those with less experience in the field.


The median salary for construction workers in California is $47,490 annually. This median value signifies that half of the workers earn less than this amount while the other half earn more, offering a balanced view of income distribution within the industry.

Top 20%

The highest 20% of construction workers can earn up to $76,490 annually. These positions likely belong to highly experienced workers or those in specialized roles.

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Range of Wages

The yearly salary range for construction workers in California generally starts at $32,010 and can go up to $76,490. This wide range of wages indicates potential for financial growth and advancement within the industry over time.

Context and Comparison

Comparing these figures to the national averages or salaries in other states can provide additional context. California, known for its higher cost of living, may have salaries that reflect this economic environment. Additionally, looking at how these salaries compare with other states can highlight regional disparities and opportunities within the construction industry.

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