How Much Do Construction Workers Make in California?

February 11, 2023

how much do construction workers make in california

How much do construction workers make in california?

California construction wages have dropped in recent years, in part because of the influx of Latino immigrants. Many immigrant workers are willing to accept lower-paying jobs in order to find a stable career in the U.S. However, the wage drop has also lowered salaries for other American workers.

Labor unions play a role in protecting wages and working conditions. They are a key platform for representing the interests of construction workers and ensuring that their interests and hours are protected.

The decline of construction labor unions is one of the reasons that California construction worker salaries are dropping. Another reason is that the industry is struggling to attract new talent.

Salary for a Construction Worker in California

The average salary for a construction worker in california is $54,724 based on a $26 an hour rate and 12% higher than the national average. This figure is based on salaries reported by employers and employees in california, United States.

Pay varies for different levels of experience, skills, and education. For example, an entry level Construction Worker with 1-3 years of experience makes $40,751 on average while a senior level Construction Worker with 8+ years of experience makes $66,362.

How to get a high-paying Construction Worker job in California

The best way to find a good-paying Construction Worker job is to look for opportunities that match your skills and qualifications. You can also use sites like ZipRecruiter to find high paying jobs that are open in your area.


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