How Much Do Construction Workers Make in Florida?

February 11, 2023

how much do construction workers make in florida

Construction Workers Pay in Florida

The average yearly salary of construction workers is $36,080. Wages can range between $23,540 and $47,430 depending on the level of experience.

Construction Workers compared to Similar Careers in Florida

If you’re looking for a job where you can build and create structures, construction might be the right choice for you. This profession is growing rapidly, and a career in construction offers many opportunities for advancement.

Pay for Construction Foremans varies with experience and project size, so it’s important to find larger projects to manage as you work in this field. A junior-level foreman makes $45,000, while a senior foreman can earn $67,500.

Occupational Skills for Construction Workers

The most important skills construction workers need to have are a high school degree and general health and safety training. This enables them to complete their jobs safely and efficiently. Other skills include a good grasp of English, strong communication abilities and the ability to follow written and verbal instructions.

Other Skills for Construction Workers

The physical demands of construction work are high, so it’s important to have a high degree of fitness and endurance. During the construction process, workers might have to squat or bend, stand for long periods of time, and lift heavy loads.

Other Skills for Construction Workers

In addition to a high school degree, construction workers should also have excellent communication skills. This can help them communicate with their team members, managers and clients about the progress of a project. It’s also important for them to have a strong grasp of math and the ability to take measurements accurately.


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