How Much Do Construction Workers Make in New York City?

February 11, 2023

how much do construction workers make in nyc

How Much Do Construction Workers Make in New York City?

The pay for construction workers can vary widely based on your role, experience level and the number of hours you work. You may also receive bonuses or overtime.

Salary estimates are based on 21 salary surveys and reflect the average earnings for Construction & Labor Workers / New York City. The lowest paying segment of the construction industry is laborers and the highest paid are construction managers.

What Is an Hourly Wage?

The average construction worker earns about $30 per hour before taxes. This equates to $62,400 in annual income. This amount is a rough estimate based on the average 2,080 hours of work put in each year.

How Does the Construction Industry Grow?

Construction is a large industry, and there are many areas of specialization. The more skilled your job is, the higher your pay will be. For example, an elevator installer may earn more than a carpenter or boilermaker, as well as more money if your area of expertise is HVAC installation and repair, asbestos removal or other similar specialty.

How to Find a Job in Construction

The construction industry is booming, and there are opportunities for anyone with the right skills. You can start your own construction business, become a self-employed contractor, or join an existing team.

How to Get a Job in Construction

The best way to land a job in construction is to network. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to reach out to your local building and construction unions. These groups often sponsor trade school programs and offer mentoring programs for beginners. They can also help you connect with local employers.


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