How Much Do Construction Workers Make in Ohio?

March 1, 2024

How much do construction workers make in ohio?

The average annual salary for a construction worker in Ohio is $46,210. This number includes taxable wages, tips, bonuses, and other compensation. Construction worker salaries vary by region, employer, and experience level. Some cities also have higher salaries for construction workers than others.

Some of the highest paying cities for construction workers in Ohio are New Bremen, Cleveland, and Toledo. These three cities have salaries that are higher than the state average of $48,280 for construction workers. Other cities that have salaries above the state average include Dayton, Youngstown, and Warren. The opportunities for economic advancement in these top 10 cities are limited, although a possible lower cost of living may offset this limitation.

Prevailing wage laws in Ohio require contractors that work on public construction projects to pay their workers the prevailing wages for the location and type of project. These laws also require contractors to notify employees of the wages they will be paid, file weekly certified payroll reports, and sign a final affidavit certifying that they have followed the rules. If a contractor fails to follow the prevailing wage laws, they may be subject to financial penalties.

Bonuses for construction workers are a significant part of their total salary. However, the percentage of construction workers that receive a bonus varies significantly between job roles and industries. Jobs that are more involved in revenue generation are more likely to offer higher bonuses, while positions that do not contribute directly to the company’s bottom line are less likely to pay a bonus.


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