How Much Do Union Construction Workers Make?

February 11, 2023

how much do union construction workers make

How much do union construction workers make?

The wages of union construction workers are higher than the salaries of non-union workers. This is because unions negotiate better pay rates for their members, as well as other protections and benefits.

Workplace Safety

Construction workers who are union members are less likely to suffer serious injury or death on the job. They are also more likely to get the proper training and equipment necessary for their jobs.


Almost all construction workers who belong to a union have access to pensions and health programs. These are provided by the union and their employer as part of their collective bargaining agreement.

They are also protected from unfair terminations by the union and their employer. If a union member is fired without just cause, the union can file a grievance against their employer for that.

Unions often support apprenticeships and other forms of training in building trades. These can lead to skilled careers in roofing, carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, operation engineering, masonry and other crafts.

The wages of construction laborers vary depending on the skills and level of experience they have acquired. They are typically based on the Davis-Bacon wages and standards, which are published annually on the city’s website.

The average weekly wage of construction laborers is around $1004, compared to $802 for non-union workers. The difference is largely due to the fact that union workers have access to a higher-paying job and can earn more on the job because their skills are recognized.


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