How Much Does a Car Door Weigh?

October 17, 2023

The average car door weighs between 100 and 150 pounds. But this figure can vary depending on the type of car and the materials it is made from. Smaller cars tend to have lighter doors than larger vehicles, and insulated steel single car garage doors are heavier than standard steel non-insulated doors. If you have a wood garage door, the weight can go up to 300 pounds or more for double wooden doors.

Car doors can be heavy for some people, and they should be handled with care to avoid injuries. If you do need to lift a car door, it is a good idea to get help from a friend or family member. This can help prevent strain and injury, and it will also make the task easier and faster. You can use a "Manhattan" car door gripper to help you lift and move your vehicle doors with ease. The gripper is ergonomic for the operator and provides a safer, more efficient way to lift heavy objects than manual lifting.

It is important to measure the dimensions of a car door carefully to ensure that it will fit correctly. You should also account for any add-ons such as reinforcement struts, punch angle or decorative exterior hardware. You should also weigh one section of a heavy door to see how much it is. Then multiply that number by the total number of sections adding 15 lbs for hardware. You can find the door weight ratings on the drivers side of the door jamb, or you can visit a truck weigh station that lets you check vehicle weights.


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