How Much Does a Construction Worker Make in Florida?

February 14, 2024

Construction workers are a vital part of any construction project. They help build and repair buildings, structures, and components of infrastructure, such as roadways, water-delivery systems, and ditches and drainage lines. The work is often dangerous and requires strict adherence to safety protocols. The job is also physically demanding, as it involves a lot of lifting and walking. Construction workers also may work in a variety of weather conditions.

In the United States, construction workers make a median salary of $50,013 or an average hourly rate of $24. Those in Florida, however, earn slightly lower wages than those nationwide. However, the state has many different types of jobs that require varying levels of skill and experience, so there’s plenty of room for career advancement.

The average hourly wage for a construction worker depends on many factors, including location and education level. Those with more experience typically earn higher wages than those with less. Additionally, those with specialized skills can command higher salaries than those with general skills.

Miami and Orlando are two popular cities in Florida for construction workers to find employment. Both offer competitive pay rates, although Miami has slightly lower hourly wages than Orlando. Overall, Florida is a great place to be a construction worker, as it has many different types of projects that require a wide range of skills. It also has a growing population and vibrant economy, so there’s always a demand for new buildings and infrastructure projects.


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