How Much Does a Traffic Cone Weigh?

February 6, 2023

how much does a traffic cone weigh

How much does a traffic cone weigh?

A traffic cone is a device that is used to redirect traffic in a safe and effective manner. They are commonly seen on highways and roads.

These cones are primarily used to warn the drivers that there is construction going on ahead or that the area is not safe to drive in. These safety markers are also used to divert traffic and to create separation or merge lanes.

They can be found in a variety of sizes and weights depending on the purpose of use. They are commonly found on roadways and highways but can also be found indoors.

Different colors of cones have different meanings. Orange is a common choice for directing traffic, signaling safety hazards and delineating a road work zone or construction site.

Lime green is a slightly more fluorescent version of orange. It is a color that is visible day or night and used to direct traffic, signal entrances and exits, warn about overhead utility lines and more.

Blue is an alternative to orange and a less traditional color for traffic cones. These colors are not approved by all states for use as safety channeling devices in higher traffic areas so it is best to check with your state before using them.

Stackable, portable and easy to store, these lightweight plastic safety cones are perfect for temporary use in parking lots or construction sites. They feature a flexible mesh construction that offers spill wind and increases stability, and a rubber base that securely holds them in place for all-day performance.


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