How Much Does an Electrical Engineer Make in California?

February 11, 2023

how much does an electrical engineer make in california

How much does an electrical engineer make in california?

As an electrical engineer, you have the power to change lives in ways that could be quite dramatic. From improving the safety of a car to designing an aircraft engine, engineers are responsible for creating and improving the products that make our world run.

What Are the Highest-Paying Industries for Electrical Engineers?

Generally speaking, the highest salaries for electrical engineers are in industries that require specialized skills such as computer hardware engineering. These engineers design and analyze the motherboards, processors and routers that make computers operate.

What are the Top Cities in California for Electrical Engineers?

According to ZipRecruiter's salary data, the most common city to find electrical engineers is San Francisco. This city pays an average of $21,880 more than the state-average wage of $79,668.

How Can Electrical Engineers Increase Their Salary?

As a general rule, the higher your education, the more likely it is that you'll be able to secure a higher-paying position. Gaining an advanced degree, pursuing certifications and improving your management skills can all increase your income potential.

How Does an Electrical Engineer's Experience Level Impact Their Salary?

In the world of engineering, experience is key. It’s important to have a long enough career to qualify for promotions and earn more money.

Getting promoted or moving to a new employer is one of the best ways to boost your salary as an electrical engineer. For example, a staff electrical engineer with 0-2 years of experience makes an average of $74,846, while a senior level professional with 7-12 years of experience enjoys an average annual salary of $176,404.


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