How Much Does It Cost to Cam a Car?

December 12, 2023

When you want to make your car faster, the first upgrade most people think about is a camshaft. However, you have to replace many parts in order to get the most benefit from a cam change. So how much does it cost to cam a car? The answer depends on the type of camshaft you choose and how much work you’re willing to do.

A stage 1 cam will add about 10 more horsepower to your engine. But if you go to a stage 2, you can add up to 25% more power.

Camshafts are usually made of hardened steel, which means they’re not as prone to breaking as other car parts. However, they can still be damaged by other things in the engine, such as loose connecting rods. They can also be broken due to defects in manufacturing.

Camshafts can be expensive to replace, but they’re also an excellent way to improve your engine performance. But you should always consult with a trusted mechanic or automotive professional before you decide to cam your car. They’ll give you an accurate estimate and help you choose the best camshaft for your specific application. Moreover, they’ll be able to recommend other upgrades that will maximize the benefits of your camshaft.


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