How Much is a Bulging Disc Worth in a Car Accident?

November 10, 2023

A bulging disc can have devastating effects on your life and the ability to work, play, and even sleep. The impact of a car accident can alter the alignment of the spinal vertebrae, compressing the inner soft disc material and creating a bulging disk. Often the injury is not immediately apparent but over time, as the disc continues to deteriorate and pressure on surrounding nerves increases, your symptoms will get worse.

The severity and permanence of your bulging disc injury can affect the amount you receive in a settlement or verdict from the at-fault party. The medical evidence you provide will be the key factor in determining a fair settlement value for your injuries. This includes the cost of your treatment, the length of recovery, and how much pain or numbness you continue to experience. Whether the injury is permanent or not, will also affect how you are compensated for your future medical costs and loss of income.

A lawyer will help you collect the relevant medical and financial evidence to present to a jury. This includes the medical expenses you’ve incurred since your injury, such as doctor visits, hospitalizations, and physical therapy. The attorney will also help you calculate your non-economic losses, such as loss of enjoyment of life and emotional distress.


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