How Often Do Cops Show Up For Traffic Court?

February 6, 2023

how often do cops show up for traffic court

When a motorist receives a traffic ticket, they usually have several options for dealing with it. They can plead guilty and pay the fine online or by mail, or they can fight the ticket in court.

The first option is to try and get the ticket dismissed by hiring a lawyer to represent you. These lawyers are highly experienced in fighting these types of tickets, and can often obtain a dismissal for you.

You can also attempt to win your case without the help of a lawyer. In some states, you can request a trial by mail, which requires the police officer to submit their side of the story in a letter.

It’s also important to remember that the judge has a lot of power in the case, so they can decide whether the case is dismissed or continued. The judge may decide to continue the case if they think it would be more effective or efficient to do so.

If you have a good reason for missing your court date, the judge will generally allow you to extend your case until the next scheduled day. This is to avoid any potential delays in getting your speeding ticket reduced or dismissed.

It’s not uncommon for officers to miss court because of sickness, a death in the family, or they were called out for an emergency situation. It’s a good idea to contact the prosecutor in your case to find out what their policy is for allowing cases to be continued if an officer isn’t available on their court date.


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