How Tall is the Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City?

June 14, 2023

There is no doubt that the Devon Energy Center has made a major impact on Oklahoma City. The skyscraper has become a focal point for the downtown area and has helped to revitalize it. This has also attracted other businesses and organizations to the area.

Construction on the building began in 2009 and was completed three years later. It is currently the tallest building in Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma. The 50-story office tower is complemented by a six-story rotunda and below-grade parking.

A man climbed the Devon Tower Tuesday morning as a form of protest. The man, who calls himself the “pro-life spiderman,” claimed to be climbing as a way to bring attention to pro-life issues. He has previously scaled the New York Times Building and Salesforce Tower in San Francisco as part of his protests.

This article was originally published on KFOR.

Devon Tower, the iconic corporate headquarters for Devon Energy, is the tallest building in the state of Oklahoma. The 50-story building is located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City and serves as a focal point for the city’s aggressive Core to Shore Downtown Redevelopment project. This project includes a $176 million redesign of downtown streets, sidewalks, parks and plazas to make the area more attractive and pedestrian friendly. The design and renovations will improve the flow of traffic through downtown, enhance the visual appeal and create a sense of place that will attract people to come live, work and play in the district.


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