How to Become a HVAC Engineer

February 11, 2023

how to become hvac engineer

HVAC engineers design heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings. They work with contractors to determine the appropriate systems for a building and create plans for installation, maintenance and repair.

Getting an HVAC Engineering Degree

The first step in becoming a HVAC engineer is to obtain a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, architecture engineering or a related field. These degrees typically include courses in physics, mathematics, computer-aided design (CAD), mechanical engineering and systems analysis.

Obtaining an HVAC license

After earning a degree, many aspiring hvac engineers seek to become licensed. This involves completing a two- to four-year program in an accredited school and taking the licensing exam. The exam is administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Continuing Education and Training

Some HVAC engineers maintain their skills by attending classes and workshops on new and innovative equipment and parts. Distributors often host workshops on emerging technologies.

Choosing the Right Employer

You will want to choose an employer that has a strong reputation for providing quality work and customer service. They should also offer a good working environment and pay you well for your efforts.

Interviewing the Right Candidates

The best way to find qualified hvac engineers is to conduct an extensive interview process. Use open-ended and situational questions to evaluate their technical training and knowledge of HVAC systems.

The ideal hvac engineer is someone with good communication and customer service skills who can mentor and train less-experienced technicians. They should also be knowledgeable about the basic functionality of residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and be able to pass a background check and drug screen.


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