How to Become a Network Engineer Without a Degree

February 11, 2023

how to become a network engineer without a degree

Network engineers help to maintain the working efficiency of computer networks within organizations. They also ensure that the company's servers and databases don't get exposed to cyber attacks.

How to Become a Network Engineer Without a Degree

While it's not a necessity, having some formal education can enhance your job prospects as a network engineer. For instance, a bachelor's degree in engineering, information technology, or mathematics can help you understand how to design and configure computer networks.

Self-study is another way to learn the basics of networking. You can find free resources online and purchase books and study guides to fill in the gaps. However, you should never stop learning as new technologies continue to develop.

Certifications are another way to show employers that you have the necessary skills for a network engineering position. Vendor-neutral certifications like CCNA or CompTIA A+ are popular options for networking professionals.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential for network engineers because they often interact with IT, business, and analytics departments. These skills can help you work effectively with others and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge of coding languages is also beneficial for network engineers, as they can use these to create software programs that automate routine tasks. Employers prefer network engineers who have a broad range of coding languages, including Python, C++ and Java.

One of the most effective ways to become a network engineer is to gain real-world experience through hands-on training. This can be done through a college program, military experience, or self-study.


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