How to Become a Traffic Engineer

January 21, 2023

how to become a traffic engineer

If you enjoy solving complex problems and are concerned about environmental issues, you might consider becoming a traffic engineer. This field involves designing, building and maintaining roadways. They help to make roads safer and more efficient. Typically, they work in government or private consulting firms.

Traffic engineers have to be well-versed in the regulations, laws, and policies that affect roadways. They also have to be able to forecast the impact that new development will have on traffic flow.

Typical traffic engineering duties include studying traffic flow patterns and developing strategies to reduce accidents. They may also be called upon to adjust traffic signals or recommend bus lanes.

To become a traffic engineer, you'll need a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or a closely related discipline. You'll also need a professional engineer license and a period of approved training.

While you're studying for your degree, you might want to consider taking courses in transportation planning and computer simulation. These can help you prepare for working with schedules and dealing with clients.

Once you've graduated, you can look for entry-level positions with city and regional governments or private consulting firms. Be prepared for job interviews and make sure your resume highlights your skillset.

Transportation engineers can earn a high salary. The median wage for this career is $82,220 a year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Depending on the region, you might need to take a licensing exam before you can start working.


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