How to Become an Automation Engineer

February 11, 2023

how to become a automation engineer

How to Become an Automation Engineer

As a automation engineer, you build and maintain the hardware and software systems that run technical processes or machinery. These systems largely save companies time and money on manual tasks.

The skills required to become an automation engineer include expertise in computer and mechanical systems, CI/CD processes, scripting languages, and robotics. Depending on the industry, a bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering is usually required.

Knowledge of the software and tools needed to perform these roles is also important, as are leadership abilities to help automate processes within a company. The right skills and a good work ethic can help you achieve a successful career as an automation engineer.

Creating Systems and Programming

One of the most important skills to learn in becoming an automation engineer is programming. This means developing the programs that will run the machines and computers that make up a system.

Typically, these programs will be written in C#, Java or Python; however, the skills and knowledge you need to create automated processes will depend on your industry and position.

You'll need to be familiar with the basics of these programs, such as how data types are handled, loop statements, conditional statements, functions, arrays and more. The more you know about the basics of each language, the easier it will be to use them in a practical way.

To succeed in this field, you need to be dedicated to gaining all the knowledge and skills that will help you be successful. Remember, if you want to be an automation engineer, it's going to take years of hard work and self-development.


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