How to Blend Paint on a Car

March 4, 2023

how to blend paint on a car

There are several different ways to paint your car. Each method has its own set of steps that need to be followed. However, all of them require a blend technique to ensure the best possible outcome.

Standard panel blending: This is the most common method for applying touch up paint on a car. It’s a great option for car repairs when the damage is large and spaced far apart across the entire car body, but it does come with its drawbacks.

Using this method can make the repaired area look uneven, as well as cause color differences to appear between different parts on your vehicle. This is especially true if the repair involves a large part such as the hood.

Reverse panel blending: This is the second most common method for applying touch up paint on your car. It’s also the easiest to do, as you can blend it in one go.

Wet-bed panel blending: This is the third most common method for applying touch up paint on the car. It’s best used when a highly metallic color is being applied, as the orientation coat can help prevent the silver from gathering into even tiny scratches left on the surface.

Despite these advantages, many painters struggle to apply this technique successfully. It can lead to issues such as a visible blend line or halo (which is caused by the sprayer fanning when it hits the metallic) that makes the repair look uneven. To avoid this, painters must use the proper reducer and follow a few other guidelines to get good results.


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