How to Buy Car in Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode

November 5, 2023

How to buy car in gta 5 story mode

The popular open-world game, Grand Theft Auto 5, features a massive range of cars for players to choose from. From a fast sports car to a rugged SUV, there's something for everyone in the game. But how does one go about getting a vehicle in the first place?

In GTA 5, there are a few different ways to acquire vehicles, with the easiest way being through Los Santos Customs. These are marked as a spray can icon on the map, and selling vehicles to them will get you a decent amount of cash.

Other ways to acquire cars in GTA 5 include buying them from a dealership or through online sales. The latter is an excellent way to pick up a vehicle, especially if you're looking for something rare or exotic. Just make sure that you're careful when dealing with online purchases, as scams and cheaters are abound.

Another good option is to steal a vehicle, which can be done from any of the character safehouses. But it's important to note that a stolen vehicle cannot be returned to its owner, so you should only do this if you're absolutely sure that you want the car.

Finally, you can also find vehicles by exploring the city and checking out garages. These are located around the city, usually near safehouses and often feature a "Garage" sign. Most garages hold up to two cars, although some (such as the nightclub and the CEO garage) have much larger capacities.


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