How to Categorize Construction Materials in QuickBooks

March 19, 2024

The process of categorizing construction materials in quickbooks involves systematically recording the procurement and usage of construction materials, allowing for accurate tracking of expenditures, effective budgeting, and financial reporting. The process is essential for ensuring efficient and transparent financial management within the construction industry.

To get started with categorizing construction expenses in quickbooks, navigate to the list menu in QuickBooks and select ‘Lists’ from the dropdown. From there, select the option to create invoices, checks, expenses, and estimates. Ensure you use the “Create Estimate” option when creating an estimate so that it can be converted to a customer invoice later in the project. This will enable you to track actual costs versus your original budget on the job dashboard in QuickBooks Online.

Once you’ve created a chart of accounts that includes the accounting categories that apply to your construction business, it’s time to set up cost codes. These are the identifiers for different types of expenditures that can be tracked in QuickBooks, including materials, labor, subcontracting fees, and equipment. Effectively applying these accounting identifiers allows for a streamlined and more organized approach to financial management, which in turn leads to improved productivity and efficiency.

By using the correct cost codes, you’ll be able to better identify which materials are being used and which are not. This will allow you to optimize resource allocation and reduce waste, as well as make informed budgetary decisions when planning for future projects. By regularly reviewing costs categorized with specific cost codes, you’ll also be able to quickly spot areas where expenses are going over budget, enabling you to take proactive action before it’s too late.


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