How to Change Car Icon on Waze

March 8, 2024

While Google owns both Maps and Waze, it has chosen to keep the two distinct services separate. While Google Maps provides navigation for walking and public transit, Waze is a driver's navigation tool that focuses on traffic conditions and crowdsourcing.

Waze offers a cartoonish user interface that is easy to understand and offers customization options for the users who like to tinker with settings. Its gamified nature also means that it rewards you for driving and contributing to its community. The app allows you to customize your vehicle icon and choose a mood that determines your appearance to other drivers. You can even choose from a range of different navigation voices, including some celebrity voices that appear as part of promotional partnerships.

However, Waze is limited by the fact that it only provides navigation for motorists. It doesn't offer support for public transportation and doesn't have the same level of detail for business listings. It does, however, have a lot of fun social features for those who enjoy interacting with the app's community and competing with other users.

It's also important to note that Waze is a real-time navigation program and requires an active internet connection for its functions. You can punch an address into the search box reached by tapping the magnifying glass button or use your voice to dictate a destination by saying things like home, work, or the vet. Then the app will map out your route, giving you a way to avoid traffic jams and save gas and time.


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