How to Charge a Hybrid Car Battery

March 4, 2023

how to charge hybrid car

The process of charging a hybrid car battery depends on which type you choose. This is true whether you decide on a standard hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or full-electric vehicle.

The first hybrid vehicles were standard hybrids, which simply had a hybrid battery that supplemented the gasoline engine for a higher fuel economy. These vehicles were not charged by a charging station and didn't need to be plugged in because they were "self-charging."

Today's plug-in hybrids are much like the standard hybrids, but they add the option to recharge the hybrid battery through a wall outlet or charging station. This can allow PHEV owners to drive only on electric power for a short distance, but it does take time to charge the battery.

Charging times vary depending on the type of hybrid model you're driving. Smaller plug-in hybrid batteries can be charged in about 3 hours at a 120V charging station, while larger EV batteries can be charged between 4-8 hours using a 240V charger.

How to Charge a Hybrid Car Batteries: Self-Charging

Lexus self-charging hybrids have a gas engine and an electric motor that work together seamlessly on the fly. This means that your hybrid battery is constantly being re-charged by our regenerative braking system when you're driving.

This process of re-charging the battery also happens when you're coming to a stop or slowing down. When you do this, kinetic energy is used to convert it into stored electricity for use in your battery. This is how you're able to get hundreds of miles per gallon in your new hybrid vehicle!


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