How to Clean a Vornado Tower Fan

February 11, 2023

how to clean a vornado tower fan

If you have a vornado tower fan, then it is essential that you clean it regularly. Not only does this help keep it in good condition, but it also contributes to its lifespan.

How to Clean a Vornado Tower Fan

When you use your fan, dust and dirt collect on its blades and grill. Over time, these contaminate the fan, which can result in a reduction in its efficiency and performance.

This can lead to problems like squeaking or loud noises. Luckily, cleaning your fan is simple and can be done by yourself.

1. How often do you need to clean it?

It’s a good idea to clean your fan at least once every three or four weeks, depending on how much you use it. It’s best to do this when you notice that the dust has accumulated to a considerable degree.

2. What tools do I need?

To properly clean your vornado tower fan, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a duster and a spray of lubricant. It’s also important to remove the grill and blades to ensure that all of the grime is removed from them.

3. What kind of cleaning chemicals are safe?

When you are cleaning your vornado tower fan, it is important to avoid using thinners, gasoline and solvents. These can cause the color of your fan to fade or oxidize.

Keeping your tower fan clean will extend its life and ensure that it is always working at its best. It will also reduce the likelihood of any breakdowns or malfunctions, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of a hot summer.


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