How to Clean Diarrhea From Car Seat

January 22, 2024

If your child or pet has a diarrhea accident in the car, it is a heart-stopping moment. However, luckily, the poop usually cleans up easily if you can get to it quickly.

The key is to remove as much of the solid material as possible before it dries. Then, use the right products to clean up the mess and get rid of any lingering odor.

Wet wipes and paper towel are often handy in cars as most people keep them in the car for cleaning purposes. You can use a wet cloth or a paper towel to clean the diarrhea affected area of your car seat on an emergency basis. However, this method won’t clean the poop completely from the car seat. You will need to wash it using commercial odor cleaners or vinegar afterwards.

First, locate the fecal matter and determine if it is a diarrhea or feces stain (see step 2 below for help with this). Next, blot up any wet material using paper towels or a cloth as best you can. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the area as this can push the faeces deeper into the fabric of the car seat.

If the poop is still wet, sprinkle baking soda onto it. This will help to absorb the liquid and reduce the odor. Finally, if there is any solid material left on the poop spot, remove it gently with a plastic scraper. Afterwards, spray the affected area with a mix of half a tablespoon of washing up liquid and a squirt of vinegar with two cups of warm water. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.


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