How to Close a Car Hood Properly

March 4, 2024

A car hood is hinged onto the cowl of the vehicle to protect and hide the engine. When not in use, the hood is closed by a latch installed underneath. Although closing the hood isn’t rocket science, there is a proper way to do it so that it won’t wear out easily and keep everything beneath it in good shape.

1. Make Sure That The Engine Bay is Clear

Before you close the hood, check that there’s nothing left in the engine bay. This is especially important if you recently performed some DIY checkups or repairs. You may have accidentally left a tool or rag in the bay and that might prevent the hood from latching properly.

2. Locate The Hood Latch Lever

Find the hood latch lever, which is usually on your left when you sit in the driver’s seat or near the bottom of the dashboard. Most of them are marked with a picture of an open hood or have a distinct color to help you identify it.

3. Release the Latch Lever

Once you have released the hood latch, lower it to its resting position and push down on the center to engage the secondary latch. Then, give it a gentle upward tug to confirm that it’s securely closed. This ensures that the hood won’t fly open during driving and prevents accidents. You should also periodically clean and lubricate the hood latch mechanism to prevent it from getting stuck or corroded over time.


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