How to Connect a Wall Plug to a Car Battery

February 7, 2024

The battery in your car works in partnership with a device in the engine bay called an alternator to supply electricity to your vehicle's electric-powered accessories. On a long road trip, the battery may run low as you turn on the air conditioning and the windshield wipers. Then you will need to charge the battery, preferably with a charger that is specially designed for automotive use. You can find these at auto-parts stores and online retailers.

When connecting a wall plug to a car battery, it is important to observe proper safety measures. Battery electrolyte is corrosive and can cause serious burns or injuries if it comes into contact with your skin or clothes. To prevent this, always wear rubber gloves when handling a battery and never touch the case or cables with your hands. Also, make sure that the extension cord used is a grounded (three pronged) unit and that it is the appropriate wire size to handle the amperage of the battery charger.

Connect the battery charger's red cable to the positive terminal on your car battery and the black cable to the negative terminal. When the charger is hooked up to the battery, test it by starting your car. If the engine starts, it is a good sign that your battery and its connections are in good working order.


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