How to Connect Car Reverse Camera to TV

February 15, 2024

A backup camera can help you see more of your car’s blind spot while backing up, making it easier to avoid collisions with objects behind you. They can also help you better see where the steering guidelines are, if your car is equipped with them. If your car doesn’t come with this feature, you can add one yourself.

Some backup cameras mount in the license plate frame, making installation relatively simple and requiring only a screwdriver. Others mount in the rear bumper cover or trim piece, requiring more tools and a longer installation process. Regardless of how you install the camera, it’s important to connect it correctly to prevent the video from becoming fuzzy or not showing up at all.

In most cases, the camera will connect to the same power and RCA inputs that your head unit uses. The only difference is that when you shift the car into REVERSE, a signal is sent to the head unit that lets it know that the camera is active and it should switch over to the video display.

If you’re having trouble connecting your reverse camera, there are a few possible causes:


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