How to Detach Car Seat From Base

February 1, 2024

Car seat bases help ensure infant and child carriers are securely in place for each journey. They can also provide extra support during a collision or other emergency, helping to keep your little one safe in their seat. However, it's important to know how to detach your car seat from the base in case you need to use it elsewhere or return it to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement.

Most infant car seats are secured to the base by a latch system that snaps into place. This mechanism may be made of different types of hooks or levers, depending on your model's specifications. Check your car seat's instruction manual for detailed instructions on how to depress the release mechanisms. It's crucial to be familiar with the release system unique to your car seat model, as improper usage could cause injury or death.

Some car seats come with bases that plug into the vehicle's ISOFIX anchor points. This makes installing the car seat quick and easy, and gives parents peace of mind that the seat is secure on every journey. Cybex ISOFIX bases even have coloured indicators to help you confirm the installation is correct.

However, some car seats can be difficult to remove from their base, especially when the Isofix connectors appear stuck or difficult to move. If this is the case, it is usually because the seat has shifted over to one side on the Isofix fittings, causing the connectors to become bent and preventing them from releasing.


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