How to Draw a Car Crash Scene for Your Story

November 20, 2023

Car accidents can be extremely traumatic. If you’re writing a story that involves a crash, it’s important to get the details right so your readers can imagine what happens. If the accident is serious, a firetruck and ambulance should be on the scene. If your characters are rushed to the hospital, you should describe their injuries and the pain they feel.

Creating a detailed car crash drawing requires a good understanding of composition, perspective, and the anatomy of vehicles. It’s also helpful to have some reference images to help you create a realistic and impactful scene. Once you’ve gathered your resources, sketch out your scene with a pencil to create a rough outline of the vehicles and environment. Then, use a pen to define the shapes of each vehicle, paying close attention to their crumple zones and impact points. Don’t forget to add shadows and highlights to create depth and realism.

Once you’re happy with your car crash drawing, you can complete the scene by creating a background that complements it. Use the colors and textures you’ve gathered from your reference images to make your scene look realistic. Finally, take a step back and assess your drawing to make any composition, shading, or color adjustments that you need.

Now that your drawing is finished, you’re ready to submit it to your insurance company. You can view or print your diagram with just a few clicks. You can also attach photos, documents, and experts’ reports to your digital claims file. You can even send your diagram and files to your adjuster with a single mouse click.


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