How to Draw a Traffic Light Craft for Preschoolers

February 6, 2023

Whether you’re studying transportation in the classroom or learning about the inventor of the first automated traffic light, this simple traffic light craft is sure to help your preschooler learn about shapes and fine motor skills. Using a jar lid and red, yellow, and green construction paper, you’ll have a great craft to make that will also teach about color identification!

Step 1: draw a long rectangle

The first step is to draw a long vertical rectangle with rounded corners. This will be the main shape of the traffic light and it needs to be easy to erase in case you make a mistake.

Next you need to divide the rectangle into three equally spaced sections. You should be able to fit three lights in each section and the insides of each of the squares should be circled as well (instead of being flat like they usually are).

Step 2: draw a set of visors

On one side of the traffic light draw a set of visors that are facing each direction. You can see that these will be slightly overlapping in the example picture but you should keep them separate and symmetrical as much as possible.

Step 3: draw a little “cap” that will be sitting on the top of the traffic light

Once you have all the parts outlined you can then trace them over with a black pen, marker or darker pencil lines to make your drawing look more realistic. Once you have completed this you can then start to color the traffic light in red, yellow and green (top to bottom).


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