How to Draw Golden Gate Bridge - Part 2: The Towers

February 11, 2023

how to draw golden gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark recognized worldwide. It has a very distinct look to it and is a popular tourist attraction in the Bay Area of California.

This bridge is an excellent subject for a drawing and it does take some practice to get the lines right. The different supports and a mix of curves and straight lines can be difficult to draw well, but it is very rewarding when you see the finished product.

You can start by using faint guides to help you make the right lines. It is also helpful to divide the paper into two horizontal and vertical sections before you start to draw.

How to draw golden gate bridge – part 2: the towers

This drawing will be based on the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a very large and complicated drawing that requires a lot of attention to detail.

The towers of the Golden Gate Bridge are shaped very differently than other bridges in the world. This is because the Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge and it must be designed to withstand the weight of cars.

Irving Morrow, a consulting architect of the Golden Gate Bridge, was responsible for the International Orange color that is the signature of the bridge. He chose the color because it was a good complement to the surrounding hills and sea.

This iconic bridge was a project that needed someone with an enormous ego to believe in it. Joseph Strauss had a very large ego and when he decided to build this bridge he put his ego to work and managed to convince everyone else that it was possible. He was able to raise the money for the construction of this massive project.


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