How to Dye Leather Car Seats

December 24, 2023

If your car seats are looking a bit drab, or they have suffered from the sun and general wear and tear, they can be revived using a leather dye or colorant. The process can take a little work, but it is an inexpensive way to get your seats back in working order.

First of all, remove the seats from your vehicle and place them on a tarp or other cover. Next, clean the seat using an alcohol cleaner or degreaser. This helps to ensure that the leather seats will accept the new coloring and that the final result will be as good as possible.

After the seat is clean, apply a light coat of the colorant with a sponge. This allows the colorant to work into the cracks and crevices of the leather. It also helps to minimise sponge marks and blotches that can ruin the overall look of the finished job. The colorant may require a few coats, and the seat should be dry between each application of the product.

If you are using a spray dye kit, start by spraying the leather colorant around the edges of the piping and in between the seat flutes. This covers the hard to reach areas first and saves you time and money by avoiding having to apply many thin coats of the paint. Once the leather is coloured as desired, the seat should be sealed. Not all leather dyes require sealing, but it is a great idea for the long term protection of the seats.


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