How to Find Car Keys in Project Zomboid

March 11, 2024

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG, in which players try to survive in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Kentucky (‘Knox Country’) swarming with thousands of ‘proper zeds.’ Scavenge food, craft items and construct buildings and defences while fending off depression, boredom and infections.

Vehicles are an important means of transport in Knox Country for getting around the world, moving from town to town, and travelling long distances. While some vehicles spawn with keys already attached, others will require the player to find one before they can use it. Car keys can be found in several places: in parking lots, on the ground nearby parked cars; inside close buildings, like shops or houses, in boxes or drawers; in the glove box of vehicles, and sometimes on the body of a dead zombie.

Once a key is found, the car can be used by pressing E on it, or by entering the vehicle and selecting the Vehicle radial menu. Choosing the option at the top left called “Hotwire Vehicle” will allow the character to open the vehicle doors and enter without needing a key, but be aware that doing so will make a noise that may attract nearby zombies to the vehicle.

Players can also hotwire vehicles they haven’t yet entered by climbing into them while wearing a mask, and then using the V button to open the vehicle radial menu. The vehicle’s engine can be started by clicking on W while inside it, and the vehicle’s gauge can be checked at any time by pressing U.


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