How to Fix a Child Lock on Car Door

February 28, 2024

Child locks are designed to prevent children from opening your rear car doors, but they can become stuck in the locked position. This can make it difficult to open your vehicle doors from inside, which is dangerous if your kids are sat in the back seat. You can easily fix a stuck child lock in your car with the following tips and tricks.

How do I fix a child lock on my car door?

Depending on your vehicle model, you may have either an actual mechanical lock switch that needs to be manually activated or an electronic system. The process for engaging these systems will vary by manufacturer, but the general idea is that you’ll need to open the door and look for a small switch on the side of the door. Then you’ll need to press the switch down or up and move it away from the door handle.

Some models of cars also feature electric, remote child locks that are triggered at the press of a button inside your car. If you’re not sure how to engage these features, consult your car owner’s manual for more information.

If the above methods don’t work, you can try a “slim jim.” This is a small metal tool that’s usually used to unlock jammed doors. You can try shimmying it into either side of the slit where the handle goes into the door to trigger the child safety lock switch off. If you still can’t get the child safety lock to disengage, it may be time to call a professional auto repair technician for help.


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