How to Fix Broken Car Key Loops

March 3, 2024

Several times now, my keyfob loop has broken off where it attaches to the keyfob. It’s not from dropping or putting pressure on it, it’s just the way the metal is made. Its a very thin piece and only holds on with a narrow section of the loop itself. My third one to break in a year. Its so frustrating because it seems like a cheap and easy fix.

Fortunately, it’s usually just the case that needs to be replaced. Many makes and models have lithium-ion button cell batteries that can be easily popped out and replaced. You can get replacements at pharmacies, supermarkets, home improvement stores, and almost anywhere else that sells batteries.

Some keys have the battery soldered to the case, however, and you’ll need a licensed automotive tech who knows how to fix a broken car key fob to replace it. If this is the case for your car, they’ll be able to transfer the microchip from the old fob to the new case and reprogram it. They’ll also be able to replace the key case if needed as well.


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