How to Fix Lawn After Construction

February 11, 2023

how to fix lawn after construction

Spring is a great time to start construction projects around your home, including adding-in a pool or constructing stone walls. But lawns are not immune to damage during these types of projects, as heavy equipment can cause holes, ruts and depressions in your yard.

Fortunately, there are several ways to repair your lawn after construction. Some are quick and easy, while others require more work but are guaranteed to get your grass looking its best again.

1. Shallow Ruts:

Small, shallow ruts (no more than a couple of inches deep) are simple to fix with a spade. Simply dig down about a half-inch and fill the hole with soil.

2. Deep Ruts:

Large, deeper ruts may be harder to deal with and take more time to fix. They're often caused by equipment moving over soft, muddy sections of soil, so be sure to use a heavy-duty spade or a lawn protection mat when digging into the dirt.

3. Mulching:

Another way to fix a lawn after construction is to spread mulch over the damaged area. A layer of mulch, like shredded leaves or straw, conserves soil moisture and deters birds from eating grass seed beneath it.

4. Aerate:

Aerating your lawn can help your grass to establish roots in areas that were previously compacted or have become hard to penetrate. It also helps your new seed to germinate and grow more vigorously. You can either aerate by hand or hire a professional to do the job.


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