How to Get a Car Towed From an Apartment Complex

December 23, 2023

Getting your car towed is one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to a driver. Unfortunately, many apartment complexes have bad reputations for predatory towing and are notorious for not displaying clear or understandable signs that delineate what is and isn’t allowed.

Apartment Complexes Contract With Towing Services

Most states have laws and ordinances regarding an apartment complex engaging a tow truck company that allow landlords to remove unauthorized cars from their property using the principle of trespass. Those laws can vary by state and even municipality, but the gist is that the owner of real estate has the right to have vehicles removed from unauthorized areas of their property if they are not in compliance with stated parking rules and regulations.

However, many people don’t realize that it is possible to get a car towed from their own apartment complex – which they consider private property. In fact, some states and municipalities have strict requirements regarding what needs to be displayed before a car can be towed from private property, such as no-parking zones or loading zones.

In the case of an apartment complex, these requirements usually include clear parking rules and no-parking zones, which are displayed in multiple ways, such as signage on the building or in the lot. In some cases, the rules can also mention things such as no parking during street sweeping or during certain hours of the day (like when trash collectors are there). Regardless of what the exact rules are, they generally require that you follow them to avoid being towed.


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