How to Get a Cat Out From Under a Car

February 24, 2024

Many of us have stepped outside to go to work or school only to see a cat hiding under our car. Whether it’s our own cat or a neighboring stray, finding a way to coax them out is critical so that the kitty can live without fear of being run over or even worse, injured by the passing cars.

First, you should try not to panic. If a cat is trapped under your car they are already anxious and scared so making loud noises will likely only scare them more. Instead, start by slowly moving backwards away from the car. Calling the kitty’s name (if you know it) or using a very low, calm voice may help to lure them out.

Food is always a great incentive for any hungry kitty and it may be enough to get them out of their hiding place. However, this method will only be successful if the cat is still relatively friendly and not too scared. Otherwise, they might remain under the car out of fear of being chased by their prey.

If the aforementioned methods are not working, try to gently push on the ground near the front of the car with your feet. This will create a vibration and could make the cat move around or even crawl out of the vehicle. Spraying them with water might also encourage them to leave the area because most cats aren’t fans of being sprayed. Using the water bottle, be sure to only aim for their behind because a sudden spray to the rump will cause them to scurry away.


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