How to Get Dog Scrashes Off Cars

November 19, 2023

Your car is your pride and joy, so a scratch on the door from your dog is not something you want. Luckily, most dog scratches can be removed without too much expense. The first step is to wash the scratched area and scrub it with a soft brush or a microfiber cloth. If the scratch is very shallow, this should be sufficient to remove the scuff.

If the scratch is a little deeper, try washing it again and buffing with a sponge or a clean microfiber cloth. If this doesn’t work, you can also use a WD-40 multi-use spray or a scratch remover to help get rid of the scuff mark. Both products are inexpensive and should be available at your local auto store.

Lastly, if the scratches are very deep or on the paint of your car, it may be best to have these repaired by an auto body shop. If your dog is aggressive or jumps around the car a lot, you should consider getting a product like Nu Finish Scratch Doctor that protects the car’s paint from scratches and other damage.

The key to keeping your car safe from dog scratches is to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. This will prevent them from catching and scratching the car. You should also consider putting down a protective covering on the floor of your car to make it easier to keep the dog’s feet off of it. You can even buy a special boot for the car to keep your dog from scratching the leather.


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