How to Get Double Sided Tape Off Cars

March 6, 2024

Double sided tape is a useful product to have around but successfully removing it can be a challenge. Depending on the surface and type of tape, there are many ways to remove it without causing damage. Some solvents, like rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover work on some surfaces but are dangerous for others (like plastics) and may discolor them. Some commercial residue cleaners such as Goo Gone and Goof Off can be used on most surfaces but are not recommended for plastics and may leave a mark.

Heat is another common way to get the tape off but is not effective on some materials such as foam tapes. Mineral spirits can be a good choice for these types of tapes as it has a higher viscosity than the adhesive and will lower it enough to make the adhesive more pliable. It can take a while to dissolve though.

If you don't have access to any chemical solvents try using a rubber eraser wheel on your drill or other power tool to slowly remove the tape and its residue. Just attach it to your tool and apply pressure to the surface you want to clean, working it into the paint. This will remove most of the adhesive without damaging it.

Another great way to remove double sided tape from painted surfaces is to use a heat gun. Just apply some heat to the material from below that you're trying to remove the tape from and then pull it off at a slight angle to prevent the adhesive from getting stuck to itself or the surface below. You may need to do this a few times before it will come off completely.


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