How to Get Pet Hair Out of Car

November 1, 2023

Whether you are a dog or cat owner, having your furry friend in the car can be a joy, but having pet hair all over the upholstery is not so pleasant. Not only does it look messy, but it can clog up your cabin filter and can also stick to your passengers’ clothes or their lungs.

To quickly and easily remove pet hair from your car, try one of the following tricks.

Rubber gloves

You probably already have a pair of rubber kitchen gloves lying around the house, and they can be very useful for removing pet hair from your car. Wet the gloves and then rub them over the upholstery in your car. Static electricity causes the pet hair to lift off the fabric and into the glove, making it easy to wipe away or clump into a ball for vacuuming.

Lint roller

Just like a broom or wire brush, a simple lint roller can be very effective at removing loose pet hair from surfaces in your car. Roll the lint roller across the upholstery until you have a clean surface.

Duct tape

You probably have a roll of duct tape in your home because it is so useful for fixing just about anything. However, a roll of duct tape can also be used as a quick and effective way to remove pet hair from your car. Just roll a strip of the sticky side against your car seat or floor mats, and pet hair will stick to it and be easily wiped away or collected into a pile.


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