How to Get Spotify to Automatically Play in Car

March 20, 2024

Spotify is a great way to take your music along for the ride. However, it's not without its quirks. One common issue with Spotify is that it often starts playing automatically when connected to a car or stereo. This article will collect methods for stopping this from happening, with options available for both Android and iOS devices.

Using a Cable

If your car has an AUX or USB port, plugging in your phone will allow you to listen to music through the car speaker system. This is a quicker and more reliable method of listening than using Bluetooth, which can be prone to drop-outs, and drains your battery more quickly. If you are using an iPhone, Apple CarPlay is another option. This replaces the car's infotainment system with an interface that looks very much like iOS, and supports a limited number of apps deemed safe to use while driving, including Spotify.

Using a 12V FM transmitter is also an option, such as the Imden model pictured above. These plug into the car's 12V power socket, and transmit your phone's audio over the radio. This is a convenient, quick, and easy-to-use option, and the quality of music played this way will be slightly higher than through a Bluetooth connection.

If you are using an iPhone, disabling the "Handoff" setting may help prevent Spotify from automatically starting when connecting to a car stereo. This is done in Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps.


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