How to Get to Big Bear Without a Car

February 14, 2024

With its stunning alpine scenery and sparkling blue lake, big bear is a popular destination for both travelers seeking adventure and couples looking to reconnect. This mountainous region is a quick drive from San Bernardino and Los Angeles, making it an accessible weekend getaway during the summer vacation season and ski season. While the driving conditions can be challenging for those not used to mountain roads, there are a few safe routes that will get you to Big Bear City and the surrounding areas without much trouble.

If you’re traveling from a distance, try to avoid weekends and holidays when traffic is at its busiest. This will help to avoid slow moving traffic, road closures and other potential complications. If you’re uncomfortable with high altitude travel, it’s recommended to take breaks frequently and carry essentials such as water, blankets, first aid kit and emergency snacks.

Once you arrive at your accommodations, you can leave the car behind and explore the town of big bear on foot. Many of the local attractions are within walking distance of the hotels, including Big Bear Lake, which is a short walk from downtown. The town of big bear is also home to some great restaurants and shops. Be sure to check out the original site of McDonald’s and its museum if you are a fan of the golden arches!

Another option is to rent a bike and explore the area with your partner. There are a number of bike rental locations throughout the town. This is a great way to get some exercise and see the sights of big bear in style.


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