How to Get to Olney Transportation Center

August 9, 2023

olney transportation center is one of the most used public transit stops in Philadelphia, PA. It is located in a busy area in North Philly that includes Girls' High School, Einstein Medical Center, and La Salle University. It's also home to the last stop of the Broad Street Line subway before the Fern Rock Transportation Center.

While police haven't reported a drastic decrease in ridership since the mass shooting, neighbors say the incident has made them feel more anxious to use the bus and subway. Latania Geiger, who moved into her block of Olney in June, says she was shocked to learn about the shooting. "You could hear a pin drop at night," she said. Roger Zepernick, who lives nearby, says he's worried about going out alone at night.

SEPTA is working to ease concerns about the shooting, and the agency hopes to reopen the station as soon as possible. But some people are reluctant to use it until then, particularly because the shooters were targeting SEPTA buses and passengers.

The best way to get to olney transportation center is to take a bus. The closest bus is the 8, and you can find real-time route information on Moovit. You can also check the bus schedules, prices, and fares, and buy tickets on the go.

Apartments near olney transportation center range in size, price, and amenities. For example, some have gyms, while others have clubs and bars. The most available apartments around olney transportation center are studios, which tend to have the lowest rental costs.


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