How to Hide Wires in Cars

January 30, 2024

A web of tangled power wires stretched across the windshield isn’t just unsightly, it can also be a dangerous distraction. Not only does it obstruct your view and make the car look messy, but dangling cables can fall or get caught in moving parts of the vehicle, potentially damaging the dash cam or even leading to a crash.

Luckily, hiding dash cam wires is a relatively simple and inexpensive process. This article will show you how to hide your wires in the most common locations in cars, trucks and SUVs without needing a lot of tools or knowledge of automotive mechanics.

First, determine where you want to run the wire. Usually, the easiest place to do so is near the rear review mirror. If there is no good place to tuck the wire away here, you can use a panel tool to remove the trim around the windshield, which will give you access to the headliner. The headliner in most vehicles is made of a flexible material, which means you can simply tuck the wire into the seam.

Once the wires are tucked, they can be secured using gum tape. This type of adhesive is designed to stick to surfaces without leaving a residue, so it is ideal for this purpose. After securing the wires, it’s important to test the connections. It is also important to make sure the wires are not in any airbag safety zones, as they could be prone to detaching and interfering with airbag deployment during a collision.


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