How to Install a Maxi-Cosi Car Seat

November 19, 2023

Car seat installation is important for your baby’s safety. It is a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which are usually printed on the child seat’s shell or base. It is also a good idea to keep the instruction manual with the car seat or to access it from the Maxi-Cosi website.

Most Maxi-Cosi car seats require either vehicle belts or ISOFIX connections to be fitted. ISOFIX child seats attach to two points in the vehicle and often have a support leg or top tether that needs connecting as well. Most ISOFIX bases and child seats incorporate indicators that change colour to indicate a correct fit.

To fit a maxi cosi car seat using vehicle belts, pull the longer part of the vehicle waist belt through the seat belt holders on either side of the child seat and into the buckle. Secure the seat belt tightly and make sure there are no twists in the belt. Some models have a small hook on the bottom of the seat that you can use to hold the belt if necessary.

Most maxi cosi convertible cars seat have LATCH anchors that clip under the side of the child seat and the tether clips to the back of the base. They are easier to use than the vehicle belt, although we did find it difficult to get them at just the right angle and to tighten them properly in a rear-facing position.


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