How to Install Evenflo Car Seat Base

November 6, 2023

When you’re ready to install evenflo car seat base, be sure to read your vehicle and evenflo car seat manuals for detailed instructions. Thoroughly inspect the installation area to ensure you have all the necessary tools and adornments for establishment. Also, it’s best to have a Phillips head screwdriver handy. The first thing to do is locate the lower anchors in your vehicle, which are typically found in the crease between two back seats. Connect the LATCH connectors from the car seat to the anchors and tighten them firmly. Next, test the car seat for movement left to right and front to back. You should notice minimal movement, which is a good sign.

If your vehicle does not have the LATCH system, you can use the vehicle seat belt to install the car seat. To do this, thread both the lap and shoulder portions of the vehicle belt through the belt path on the base and under the lockoff, which is easy to identify thanks to a prominently labeled “vehicle belt goes here” mark. Once the belt is secure, close the lockoff and check for any slack.

Some Evenflo car seats can be used without the base, but this depends on the model of the seat and the vehicle. Be sure to consult the car seat manual for specifics and perform regular inspections of the base to make sure it’s secure and level. Also, be sure to wash the car seat cover and buckle regularly with cold water and tumble dry on a delicate cycle.


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