How to Install Evenflo Car Seat

December 24, 2023

Using these tips can help you get a tight, secure install. If you have additional questions about installing your Evenflo car seat, we encourage you to schedule a one-on-one installation support call with our ParentLink team!

The Evenflo Sonus has a good amount of cushioning that provides comfort for your child in both rear facing and forward facing. The seat also comes with positioning inserts to help eliminate the gap between your child and the crotch buckle. These are very helpful and should be used per the instructions provided in your child's owner's manual.

As a general rule, most infant car seats require that the majority of the bottom of the car seat hangs over the front vehicle seat back, regardless of whether the seat is installed rear or forward facing. A common way to test this is to use the blade of your house key or the length of many wireless earbuds, which are roughly 1.5 in. long, to see if there is enough space.

To ensure you have the correct recline angle for a rear facing installation, the LiteMax has an indicator on the base, indicating whether it is level or not. If the indicator is not in the blue zone, you may need to rig a little more reclining. For example, you can try putting a rolled towel or pool noodle underneath the base near the vehicle seat back to increase the recline angle if necessary.

The LiteMax has an easy to use, single step lockoff that makes it simple to connect the lower anchors or vehicle seat belt. It is not spring loaded, so there is no chance it will smack you in the face when you release it.


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