How to Lock Car in GTA 5

November 20, 2023

GTA 5 cars are praised for their striking resemblance to real-life vehicles, but do they also mimic the same locking mechanisms as real vehicles? Until recently, the answer was no. However, thanks to the modding community, this has changed.

In GTA Online, players can lock their car using the Interaction Menu (open with the Select button on the PS4 touchpad or the View button on Xbox or M key on PC) and scroll down to Vehicle Options and set who gets into your car to No-one. However, this is not possible in story mode unless you use a mod to make it happen.

The Menyoo Mod is a popular trainer mod that not only lets players lock their vehicles, but also has many other features. This includes enabling the ability to choose the radio station in the menu under sounds for your current vehicle. The modification can also be used to customize other settings, such as fob animation, plate text, and interior light. It can also be configured to not play a notification sound when pressing lock or unlock.

Another option is a more straightforward mod called the car lock by VexNoFace. It is simple, easy to use, and allows players to lock their car while they are inside it, which is not a feature available in the game itself. It also fixes various issues with the Menyoo Mod, including crashing, the lock/unlock delay, and the ability to unlock a locked vehicle while outside of it.


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